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About Us

Frame by Frame

Ever since I can remember, I’ve moved through life wanting to capture every story and every frame. I’m proud to share my videos, where you can find the very best of my work and follow my multimedia journey.I believe that video content is one of today’s most challenging and exciting mediums. I constantly look for new ways to express myself, and am always thrilled to collaborate with other creative personalities from the online community. Take a look at my work, and please don’t hesitate to send feedback or ask questions!

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Golden Dots


Help you create a to-do list of different things to do on your vacations. Check out our YouTube,  Website, and Calendar of Events.

Travel & Wellness

This business is for people who want to learn about travel ideas, technology,

wellness, and mental health.

Customer Service

We will provide on the ground experiences with positive and thoughtful feedback.

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