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Become a Sponsor

  • Basic Sponsor Promotion During Events

    Build community engagement with our daily Promo of you events within our community calendar of event
    Valid for 10 days
    • 2 social media Promos a day
    • 2 social Ads on Youtube
    • Discount on our local event Perk
    • Ad on event Banner
    • Product placement during event
  • Standard Sponsor Promotion

    Ad, Product, Services, and Logo placement on Event with Flyer added to website.
    Valid for 10 days
    • 1Video Ad promo
    • 3 Social Post with Logo
    • Discount on Events
    • 30 second radio placement
    • Amazon Affiliate Marketing of Products
    • Logo on banner during events online and in person
  • VIP Sponsor Promotion Package

    Increased Brand Exposure: Through your online platforms, we can create dedicated promos.
    Valid for 10 days
    • 3 Promotions per day with link to sponsor website
    • 3 Promo Videos per day with link to sponsor website
    • Ad on Single2do Sponsor Page w/ link to sponsor website
    • Event Merchandise Placement During Event
    • Logo On Banner during Event
    • Amazon Affiliate Marketing Available
    • 30 Second Radio Ad
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