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United Kingdom Summer Stay After the Queen's Farewell.

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

- Lauryn McCoy Ilomuanya

Manager & Editor

As we worked all year to make our travel to the UK a great one, I realized summer traveling could be exciting. Not because we were going but I would be meeting my in-laws for the first time. The very thought of it was nostalgic, to say the least and it made me feel warm and fuzzy inside like a Christmas family gathering. In this blog, I will tell you about the many places we visited in the hill countryside of the UK as well as changing our minds to take the next train on the Picadilly subway.

My sis-in-love came to greet us from London Heathrow Airport, and our embrace was like five years of hugs wrapped in one. She was beautiful and elegantly with a sporty edge. We would later see her off to be wed and meet her future husband. It was the perfect romantic getaway for my husband and me, and our daughter was the center of attention.

After a 20 min ride on the Picadilly subway, I was amazed at the variety of cottages we saw in downtown London. I found them to be homey and charming. We were all bundled up in our warm coats, well some of us ,hinting at my hubby. Upon arrival at the next station, we realized our jet lag had started to move in so I hailed a taxi, that was willing to drive to the countryside, The taxi took us to the "Inn On the Lake", which was in the shorne hill countryside of Kent UK.

The Inn had everything that we wanted, a lakefront view from the room, with a view of the garden, ducks, bright fuchsia flowers, and red roses. It had a dock to watch the sunrise and sunset. Inside there was an open bar and breakfast in the Lobby. Every morning I went to the breakfast hall to deliver the silver platter to both my daughter and husband in our private room. They loved receiving the daily silver platter which was loaded with yummy goodness.

The common breakfast for the locals was ham bacon with a side of white bread, butter, and jam. The jam was so delectable and savory, with a side of baked beans, sausage, and scrambled eggs cooked to order. We enjoyed yogurt with fresh fruit to top it off for a whole week, It also Included any beverage, my preference was coffee and tea.

We went to see the shops on High Street which were not far from Shorne Drive with a ride from a local driver. The shops on High Street were amazing and family-friendly! The weather was cool but became warmer as the day progressed. The nearby grocery store, called Lidil was cute and tidy with nifty pre-paid carts. The thing about this cart is that you put in one pound to take a cart, then when you lock the cart back it gives your coin back.

Our favorite excursion was at the Royal Engineers Museum in Gillingham, UK, where we saw a large green bomb, rocket ships, army tanks, and the first deep-sea diver uniform.

After a long day out on our second day, we decided to cook dinner in the kettle. I made dumplings that I purchases from the local grocery store. They were stuffed with lamb and pork. The meal was nice, filling, and budget friendly. Our first night we indulged in a delicious rack of pork ribs that tasted farm fresh. The entree came with a side of sweet potato fries, a fresh farm salad without ranch, as they did not have it. We settled for their tasty balsamic vinaigrette dressing which was light and cool.

We rested the entire week, and decided to go for a hike before the last day on the grounds of the inn, along the Thames River.

We made our next two stops to Ashford Kent, UK, and Maidstone Kent, UK. There we spent the remainder of our trip with family and were within walking distance of The Shops on High street and eateries. The Maidstone Nail & Spa did a fabulous job on my nails, so if you go there ask for Andy! I enjoyed Caribbean food and a delectable meat pie at a Nigerian restaurant on High Street. The scenery on the bus ride was that out of an artist's canvas with lush greens, colonial architecture, and lovely meandering cows.

Overall, we enjoyed our trip and have goodies from England to share with all of my readers such as Queen Elizabeth II commemorate t-shirts, teas, jams, and key chains.

More to come soon... Cheers!

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